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Only A Lad Demos
California Girls, Capitalism, Cinderella Undercover, Controller, Forbidden Zone, Imposter, Little Girls, Louise, Nasty Habits, On The Outside, Open Eyes, Teenaged Monster, What You See, You Really Got Me
-Private Life (import version)

Good For Your Soul Demos
Nothing Bad Ever Happens

Danny Elfman Solo Demos
Lightning, Tough As Nails, Everybody Needs,

Dead Mans Party Demos
Just Another Day, Dead Man's Party, Help Me, Heard Somebody Cry, Weird Science, Take Your Medicine

New Generation, Not My Slave, Home Again, Where Do All My Friends Go

Dark At The End Of The Tunnel Demos
All except "Try To Believe"

Jimmy Callicut
Jimmy's Lament, The School Song, The Executive Song, Judy's Ballad, Loyalty

Little Demons
Narration 1, Little Demon's Theme, Narration 2, The Come Along Song, Narration 3, The Cat Is Dead, Dance On My Grave, Mother Dear, Little Angels, Narration 4

The Nightmare Before Christmas
(All sang by Danny aside from Sally's Song)
This Is Halloween, Jack's Lament, What's This?, Town Meeting Song, Jack's Obsession, Kidnap The Sandy Claws, Making Christmas, Sally's Song, Oogie Boogie's Song, Poor Jack