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Pro-Shot, (Irvine) 1993
Insanity, Water, Dead Or Alive, When The Lights Go Out, Change, Mary, Skin, War Again, Lost Like This, Spider, Gratitude, Out Of Control, No One Lives Forever, Helpless, Stay, Sweat, I Am The Walrus, Did it There, Who Do You Want To Be Today, Nothing To Fear, Dead Man's Party, Just Another Day, Wild Sex, Insects, Grey Matter, No Spill Blood, On The Outside, Violent Love, Only A Lad

Pro-Shot, (Universal Ampitheatre) 1994
Little Girls, Clowns Of Death, Piggies, Burn Me Up, Hey! Skin, Not My Slave, Mary, Change, Insanity, I Am The Walrus, Can't See, Water, We Close Our Eyes, Helpless, Pain, Just Another Day, Kiss My Ass, Sweat, Ain't This The Life, No One Lives Forever, Dead Man's Party, Only A Lad, Who Do You Want To Be Today, Nothing To Fear, Grey Matter, No Spill Blood.

Pro-Shot (Weenie Roast), 1994
Track listing soon...

Dead Man's Club Program (April 25, 1986)
(Dead Man's Party (live from New York), Gratitude (Music Video), Just Another Day (Music Video), Grey Matter (Live from New York), Weird Science (Music Video), Stay (Music Video) Beverly Theatre (1987)

I Never Promised You A Rose Garden; MKOTOB fragment (1976)
MKOTOB in Venice Hand Held Video Camera (1976)
The Gong Show featuring the Mystic Knights Of The Oingo Boingo (1976)
Forbidden Zone (1980)

Urgh! A Music War! Ain't This The Life!

Impostor (1981)

Kids World "Private Life", Interview, "Grey Matter" (1982)

Dance Fever Private Life (1982)

Merve Gridden Grey Matter (1983)

Merv Griffen Special Whole Day Off, Nothing To Fear (1983)

US Festival (1983)
(see audio track listing)

US Festival Interview (1983)

US Festival (Cut version) Goodbye Goodbye, Nothing To Fear, Interview (1983)

Wake Up (It's 1984) Live from San Fransisco (1983)

MV3 Nothing To Fear, Grey Matter (1983)

The Palace "Who Do You Want To Be Today", "Wake Up (It's 1984)", "Dead Or Alive" (1983)

Alan Thicke Show "Who Do You Want To Be" and "Nothing Bad Ever Happens" with intrerview, (1983),

"This Bud's For You" advert (1984)

Pee Wee Premier w/ Danny on stage talking to Pee Wee and also a later interview. (1984)

The Ritz (1985)
Whole show...

Some Dick Clark Special - Weird Science (1985)

Jerry Lewis Telethon "We Close Our Eyes", "Not My Slave" (1987)

In Person Elevator Man, We Close Our Eyes, Not My Slave, interview (1987)

Ch 7. Newclip Alive! Release w/ Interviews (1987)

Keep On Cruisin' (Not My Slave, Elevator Man) (1987)

(Artist of the Week) Home Again, Grey Matter (1987)

French Interview w/ Not My Slave (1987)

Video One Interview with Richard Blade (1987)

Joan Rivers Not My Slave, Dead Mans Party, Interview (1987)

Time Scooter (The making of the theme) (1987)

Time Scooter (1987)

Skeletons In The Closet (Stay, Just Another Day, Gratitude, Nothing Bad Ever Happens, Little Girls, Private Life)

Request Videos Food For Feet ( Rhythm Music Video) (1989)

USA Today - Batman

Request Videos - Boingo (John & John) (1989)

Movie Time Batman Interview (1989)

Interview (at Danny's house) (1990)

Nightwatch (1990)

E! (Strange interview that looks like it was taken with a home video camera) (1990)

CBS Batman Returns (1992)

E! Batman Returns (1992)

The Nightmare Before Christmas Laser Disc Edition (The Making Of) (1993)

The Making of NmBC (1993)

Live And Times (1993) Elfman interview.

'The Making Of The Nightmare Before Christmas'- at Danny's home. (1993)

HBO Tim Burton Special (1993)

E! Features: The Making Of The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Danny w/ Greg Kinnear (1994)

Culture Clash Hey! (1994)

Jay Leno Tonight Show (1994)

Shrunken Heads (with "The Making Of") - Richard Elfman (1994)

How The Grinch Stole Christmas; the making of. (Danny & Tim)(1994)

Clowns Of Death Video one of two; home cam. footage (1994)

Hollywood Soundtrack Story  - small Elfman appearance(1995)

Farewell Signing (E!) (1996)

Pathfinders (1996) Danny @ The Amazon

The Frighteners Laser Disk Edition (The Making Of) (1996 - released 1998)

The Making Of Flubber (1997)

Danny at the Oscars (1998); red carpet

UK "GMTV" Oscar Line Up Shot (1998) - unable to make NTSC copies.

Face Like A Frog
Zuma II (Kerry Hatch, Ribbs) "Real John Wayne"