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Here's just a small list of things I KNOW I need. No doubt there is a ton of recordings and such I don't know of that is out there. Basically, if it's not listed, I don't have it, and would love to obtain it!

Mystic Knights Of The Oingo Boingo footage. Video, audio, studio, live. I don't care. I want it :)
Pro shots, and any video footage I've not yet come across
Irvine Meadows Pro Shot - (10/30/87)
Video footage of Boingo on "George Sega's Best Bets." (1979; they played "California Girls" and "Louise.")
Boingo on Brazillian show Jo Soares ('90 Minutes', I think). Played "Change" - 1994. Ish. (Good details, ne?)
Any other Brazillian footage

" Life is Good" (Phipps on vocals)
"American Car" (Phipps on vocals)

Majestic Dance Orchestra
Downhearted Blues
If I Could Be With You
Casey Jones Special

Madame Wongs Shows (not the one I already own, thanks!)
10-27-1990 Soundboarded
Halloween 1993 - Soundboard
The Forum - 1982-83
San Diego 1993
Boston 1994
Whiskey 1980
Country Club 1984