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Rare Songs (Studio cuts)
Find You
Inside You
I Stand Defeated
Always There
I've Got To be Entertained
Lost Like This (1983 version)
Comet's Tail
Remember My Name
Elementary Physics
All The Pieces
Waiting For You (long)
Waiting For You (short)
Marching In Time
Make It Right
Head In The Clouds
Can't Pretend
Freak Show
Nuclear Babies
Kiss My Ass
Because Of You

Rare Songs (live)
Monster Mash
Twisted Trees
I Stand Defeated
Lap Of Luxury (1983)
I Always Look At Pictures
Two Twisted Trees
Heard It Through The Grapevine (rehersal cut)
Sunshine Of Your Love (rehersal cut)
Time Out

Rare songs from Compilations and such
Hold Me Back (Surf 2)
Take Your Medicine (Live! For Life)
Better Luck Next Time (Last American Virgin)
I'm Afraid (L.A. In)
Happy (Summer School)
Bacholer Party (Bacholer Party)
Something Isn't Right (Bacholer Party)
Ain't This The Life (Urgh! A Music War)
Mama (Boi-ngo In A Box)
This Bud's For You (ad)
This Bud's For You (long version)
Not My Slave (Something Wild)
Winning Side (She's Out Of Control)
Try To Believe (Midnight Run)
Flesh 'n Blood (Ghost Busters 2)
Gratitude (Beverly Hills Cop)
Don't Go In The Bacement (Face Like A Frog)
You Got Your Baby Back (MKOTOB Single)
Ballad Of The Caveman (MKOTOB Single)
I've Got To Be Entertained (taken from the a film)

Other Things (audio)
Jingle Hell (1993)
KROQ Ditty
New Generation Horn Test
Yodel (1993)
Yodel (1993 - longer version)
Sweat / Walrus / Lightning Mix (live collage)

Aud Lange Syne / Wake Up (It's 1985)