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Remixes (audio)
Gratitude - Extended Dance Version, Tornado Version
Dead Mans Party  - Party Till Your Dead Mix
Stay -Stay Late Mix
Weird Science - Extended Dance Version, Weird Dub Bonus Beats, Boingo Dance Version
Not My Slave -Club Mix, Extended Dance
Pain -Extended Dance Mix, Dub Mix, Acapella mix
Flesh n Blood -Extended Dance Mix , Instrumental
Out Of Control - Funky Vocal Mix, Funky Drummer Mix, Power Mix, Fingertips Vocal Mix, Outer Control Dub, Enviromental Mix
Insanity Remixes

Covers (audio)
We Close Our Eyes (Suzanna Hoffs - Buffy The Vampire Slayer)
Skin (Michael Stanton - Nightbreed)
Who Do You Want To Be Today (The Invaders)
Try To Believe (Doug & The Mystics)

Related Bands
Doug And The Mystics
(New Hat, Junk Car, Workin' Man, Too Much Time, Here Come Trouble, Cyclops, New Hat, Try To Believe, Willy the Pimp, Gypsy King, Devil Woman)

Sam Phipps "Animal Sounds"
(Elevation, Mystery, Decision, One on One, Animal Sounds, Woke Up Clipped)

Food For Feet
(Parting The River, My Desire, Tremble, Order, Paradise, Smoke, Slient Night, Blind Date, Why Me, Nature of Love)
Food For Feet EP
(Rhythem,Faith, Hope,Retire,Tequila,Gonna Find My Way Home,Cross Culture)

Interviews (audio)
Sacramento - Danny
91X - 1995 - John and John
91X - Danny
Danny at Red Carpet outside Academy Awards
KROQ 1998 - Danny
KRCW 1998 - Danny
KIEB 1998 - Danny (missing a fraction of the start)
Mark & Brian (1998 Oscar time) interview on cassette