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Normal Released recordings

Oingo Boingo (4 song EP - 10")
Oingo Boingo (4 song EP - 12")
Oingo Boingo (4 song EP - cassette)
Only A Lad (CD)
Only A Lad (LP)
Only A Lad (LP - UK Edition)
Nothing To Fear (CD)
Nothing To Fear (LP)
Good For Your Soul (CD)
Good For Your Soul (LP)
Danny Elfman Solo (CD)
Dead Man's Party (CD)
Boi-Ngo (CD)
Boingo Alive (CD)
Boingo Alive (LP - sealed)
Skeletons In The Closet (CD)
Dark At The End Of The Tunnel (CD)
Best O' Boingo (CD)
BOINGO (cassette)
BOINGO (CD, Limited Edition Cigar Wrapped)
BOINGO (CD; Euro release with "Helpless")
Farewell (CD)
Farewell (Cassette)
Farewell (Video)
Anthology (CD)

Vinyl Singles & Promos
Pain (12" demo)
Weird Science (7" demo)
Weird Science (7" single b. w/ Weird Mama [Ira & The Greeks])
Gratitude (7" single)
Skin (CD single)


Music For A Darkened Theatre 1 & 2
Batman Returns
Mars Attacks
Black Beauty (copy)
Dick Tracy
Beetle Juice
Men In Black
Extreme Measures
Mission Impossible
Good Will Hunting (Cuts that were sent to Achademy Voters)
Article 99
Midnight Run
The Frighteners
Big Top Pee Wee
Pee Wee's Big Adventure (copy)
Back To School (copy)
Edward Sissorhands
Nightmare Before Christmas
A Simple Plan
A Civil Action
Sleepy Hollow