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Factoid: -  "Finale" was also played at the end of "The Forbidden Zone" though this version has very different lyrics. The one below was usually played at the end of Mystic Knight shows and can be heard on bootlegs of that time, as well as at the end credit scenes on "Farewell" . If anyone has a nice clear copy and / or knows the missing lyrics, please contact me.
See also "Finale" - The Forbidden Zone


This is the ending
The time of night when we delight in turning in
But please remember,
Its not goodbye, but just until we meet again!

Until this evening I sat there dreaming
Now I see you so clearly
And all my my dreams come....

So my friends before you leave,
We'd like to say Goodbye!
We hope that you've enjoyed this piece of Oingo Boingo pie!
Some people call us crazy but as you can plainly see
We're not the least bit crazy we're as normal as can be!

Come with us to the land of Oingo Boingo
You'll be surprised by the things that you will see
Climb aboard on the Oingo Boingo space ship
Through time and space and the Boingo galaxy!

Thank you to Matt Ellsworth for these lyrics.