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Factiod: - see also "Finale" (Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo)


You are my king dear,
My hearts desire,
Turns to fire,
With your caress.
This must be Heaven,
I've got my Faust,
oh, I've no doubt,
Our lives are blessed

[Frenchy & King]
With all powers no one can stop us now
We'll conquer the planets

Then all our dreams come

Adenoidal doy voy

Yes we can hump them

Pain is a thrill

Ya, sure!

I coronate the new queen

La charm

A toast to him
As we salute the true Queen
She really is a sight

[Queen Viva]
In death, too, there is pleasure
As dead rats,
We're free to bleed, to rot
And at our leasure
Be eaten up by worms

La, la, la, la...

There's humping here forever


[Three Female Prisoners]
And if you think you're really very clever

[Single female prisoner]
Just eat more cakes and pies

[Kipper Girls]
Ooh, ed, ooh eh, ooh eh

La, la, la, la...

So really what's da hurry?
Don't worry
So maybe you got couple little troubles
Just tell them all to me

We're happy now together


The Hercules are in for stormy weather

[Squeezit's head]
No, it's really just a breeze

[Factory Worker]
And so my friends, sit tight and some advise to you I'll lend
This drama may be over but it's really not the end

[Entire cast]
Come join us in the land of sin and pleasure
You'll be surprised by the things that you will see
Come with us while we conquer other planets
Through time and space and the
Forbidden Galaxy!

(The Forbidden Zone..The Forbidden Zone...)

[Thank you to Matt Nordmeyer, again, for these lyrics ]