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Lord only knows why, but after a year or so of really not bothering with rare Boingo goodies, I've suddenly got a hankerin' for some, er, bootleggin'. It took a whole weekend, but here listed is every recorded Boingo item I own. I'm basically putting this up for two reasons; one reason being in the hope of obtaining even more Boingo goodies. The other is to highlight what's out there.

Now, when I first obtained a lot of these items, there was a lot of hush hush and secrecy spewing around the Boingo and Elfman-related online communities. I kept mum on whatever few secrets I myself knew (which, granted, were few). Then, several people decided to blow the lid on their items and suddenly the "FBI" Boingo was no longer so secret; and sooner still, Napster among other places boosted these once-sacred recordings.

Now it's my turn. I don't see why I can't show off my pathetic little collection like the others.

Ranting and self-defending over.

Trading guidelines:

I do not make copies of commercially released material. Why did I list it here? Who knows. To show off, probably. Not that there's much boast in listing commercially avaliable stuff. Oh well.

I own every video show mentioned but, and this is a major but, I cannot trade direct from myself. Incase you haven't noticed, i'm in ENGLAND, i.e. PAL fomatting. I can view NTSC (American formatted) videos but cannot record them. Instead, if you are interested in a video item, I shall direct you to the good fellow behind this site, who will happily make you a copy of whatever recording it is. You can send your half of a video trade to either me or him, since we work in a rather collaborative effort.

I'd rather not trade for blanks. I know this'll really dishearten a lot of people out there but I just don't have the time or energy at the moment. In the summer months I might be able to take on a few 2:1 blank trades but honestly, as anyone who knows me or has delt with me will know, I am utterly, utterly hopeless at sending items for blanks throws me more off course than a car driven by a donkey.

What I'll trade for:
Boingo, of course, in general. Anything, anything I don't already have.
-My prime wants are shows and recordings of the Mystic Knights Of The Oingo Boingo; and will trade extremely handsomely for Mystic Knight video footage.
-Pro Shot video footage, or just about any video footage (hand held camera, TV recording, etc) that I don't already own.
-Uncut Farewell (c'mon guys; it's out there!)
-Any alternate versions of songs, demos, roughs, rehersal ditties and the likes.
-Hot Tomorrows.
-Live shows, in reasonable quality, that I don't already have.

Non Boingo, I'll also trade for:
-They Might Be Giants live concerts, video footage and the likes.
-Queen video footage and live concerts in good quality.
-Robbie Williams (that'd be the singer, not the actor) live footage or video footage.

Terribly select tastes, I know. My main priority lies with Boingo.

Commercially Released | Live Shows | Demos and Studio Roughs| Individual Studio Rare Songs | Video | Non Boingo | Contact