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Something it appears has changed...
Okay, so the past year I've really neglected FMKTHL. I basically figured that I wasn't providing anything that couldn't be found elsewhere on the web; after all, I live in England so any information I have (Boingo-wise) is always secondhand. So I lost the energy to continue to update, until today when, out of sheer bordome, I opened up my big ol' box of Boingo stuff, and realised how much it does all still mean to me and, more importantly, the sheer volume of Boingo goodies I've aquired over the past 3 years (yes, it's only been 3 years). So, well. It's a sunday. It's raining outside (read; England) and I've nothing better to do than dive into the box of Boingo junk and try to make a half-decent website out of it. Please folks, let me know what you think of the new design (be kind, you would not believe how long it has taken me to do this. Try an estimate of about 3 hours a day, for the past month, and you'll have an understatement of what I have put into this darned site! Coming from somebody who does actually have a life, as well as college to contend with, that's a lot!). Er, incase you didn't know, it's based vaguely on the design of the 1994 BOINGO album. Yes.

Viva la Boingo!


A vague recap #1
I'm sure everybody is aware of the three 'rare' cut Boingo songs that have recently been unleashed on the unsuspecting online community (if not, read below). There's been a sudden mania as fans rabidly try to hunt down others of the kind. As a result, the trading of (any) Boingo material has dried up somewhat because of the stigma envolved. There is still, however, a trading board (new and very different from the old one) at which you can post your lists and read what other people have to offer. Good luck!

A vague recap #2
Recently three rare Oingo Boingo songs were uploaded to the clownsofdeath ftp site. They were "Find You", "Inside (You)", [both cut from BOI-NGO] and "I Stand Defeated" [cut from Dead Man's Party]
I think this site is exclusive for being the first to have the lyrics to these songs. So check them out!

Boingo Emailing list
Founded in 1998, the Oingo Boingo emailing list is the largest and most active Boingo mailing list the internet has to offer. Sigh up for it here!
You can find pictures and banners to help promote the list on your website here.

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...Is pretty much dead right now. I'm not entirely sure what happened to it, but I've been getting messages saying it's dead so I'll just go with the flow. The traffic wasn't exactly massive on there anyway.
I may make a new webring when I've finished this website but that'll be a long way off yet. I am suggesting a Boingo Banner Exchange (anyone remember the old OBEN one?) so if anybody is interested and has a Boingo/Elfman/related website, (yes, Burton counts), get in touch!
Well...I had to keep this little logo here somewhere, didn't I? The fact that this is a British webpage is about the only steadfast thing I know to be original about my site. For now. So yes...that explains my weird spelling. Well. Some of the weird spelling. A lot of it just comes down to the fact that I become 100% illiterate when faced with a keyboard. Yes.

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