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Danny Elfman in the "Making of Flubber"

During Boingo's lifetime, they actually recorded a vast number of television appearances, from long detailed interviews to live shows on MTV. I've collected sollidly for 3 years and I have 30+ videos, and I know for a fact I have not reached Boingo video utopia. I never shall. Here is a detailed list of all that I know is out there; I'm sure I've missed out various shows and mixed up details. Just contact me if you have anything to contribute or especially if you have any Boingo video footage not listed here; I'd be interested in obtaining a copy myself!

*I'm also on the look out for video footage one would not usually expect to find listed on an average fan-site. If you know what I mean, you have what I mean. Contact me.

Unknown Dates:~

I Never Promised You A Rose Garden (1970's) - I know the Mystic Knights played a very small part in the film, but I can't put in the archives until I know roughly what year it was made. If anyone has any idea, please email me.

"Drug Awareness"
? - (I heard that this is just a short advert telling people to not take drugs)- If anyone has it, and would be willing to make me a copy check out my trading lists and / or email me - also, if anyone knows the date, please let me know so that I can include it on my TV pages properly.

Gong Show (1976)
The Mystic Knights were actually on the Gong Show back in 1976 where a panel of judges voted (somewhat amazingly) them the winners!

George Segal (1978)
The band played California Girls and Louise. If anybody at all has a video copy of this, in whatever quality, format or speed, please, please contact me.

Hot Tomorrows (1978)
I don't actually think this was ever released on television or otherwise. However, scenes are revealed on Farewell (the black and white clips of Danny singing 'St. James Infirmary' and Marie-Pascale Elfman (Richard Elfman's wife) singing 'Johnny').

The Forbidden Zone (1979)
You most certainly can't forget this as the Boingo's play all the original music and feature in the film, Danny being Satan and the others being his henchman. Good fun spotting Danny pop up in various other places also. Oh, and Richard Elfman (Dan's bro) appears several times....most obvious of them being the "Yidishee Charleston" guy....folks who have seen the film will know....

Urgh! A Music War! (1981)
Playing Ain't This The Life,  - bootlegs also include a very short interview (about 3 seconds). There was also another showing where they played Impostor and a longer interview with Danny
. If anybody has a longer version of the interviews, please contact me.

Long Shot (1981)
Featured the boys singing the rare "I've Got To Be Entertained" live.

Merv Griffen (also known as Kids World (1982)
Playing Private Life and Grey Matter, including an interview with a very hyped Danny between the two.

At Danny's House in Venice (1982)
This short interview was conducted by a child asking if Danny always wanted to be a singer...short and sweet

MV3 (1982)
A short show featuring "Nothing To Fear" and "Grey Matter", plus an interview with John Vatos and Danny.

Merve Griffen Special (1982)
Live show with "Whole Day Off" and "Nothing To Fear".

Bud Weiser Commercial (1982)
The Spice Girls weren't the first to promote a drink with a song, the Boingo's got there in 1982 playing their own "This Bud's For You". Silly ad featuring Danny as a pilot, rally driver and riding a motor bike among other things. I have been told this was aired in 1982. However, Danny looks much older...personally, I'd say it was around 1986, but who am I to judge authority?

US Festival (1983)
There are two versions of this. There is the live version featuring the entire show that Boingo played and there is the edited version for later showing that only features "Goodbye Goodbye" and "Nothing To Fear" - this shorter version also includes an interview with Danny. The full track list, in the long version, is; Cry Of The Vatos, Dead Or Alive, Ain't This The Life, Who Do You Want To Be, No Spill Blood, Private Life, Grey Matter, Insects, Wild Sex, Nothing To Fear, Violent Love, Sweat, Capitalism, On The Outside and Goodbye Goodbye.

Dance Fever (1983)
A short (but nice) clip of the band and "Private Life"

Thicke Of The Night (1983)
A show featuring the boys playing "Who Do You Want To Be" and "Nothing Bad Ever Happens," 'live'. Also includes a somewhat strained interview with Danny.

Live from San Fransisco (1983)
Sometimes called the Wake Up (It's 1984) video, this is simply a live show where the boys played Wake Up in-fount of 'beautiful' 80's graphics

The Palace Theatre (1983)
A typical live show featuring "Who Do You Want To Be", "Wake Up" and "Dead Or Alive"

?? (1983)
I'll get the name up there soon. It's another of the 'white suit' deals (owners of many bootlegs will get what I mean; practically every 1983 TV appearance had the boys wearing trendy white suits....) - basically identical to the above "Palace Theatre" show, only it, well, wasn't at the Palace Theatre.

Pee Wee's Big Adventure; Premier (1984)
Paul (Pee Wee) obviously took center stage in his premier, but of course, he had to interview his of which being Mr. Elfman himself. Though short, this is possibly my favorite of all his appearances; it's nice to see Danny genuinely stuck for words...and you gotta love the bowtie.

Dead Man's Club Video (1985)
I'm not sure exactly what this was made's an official video made by the Boingo boys, but obviously was never sold. It features various shows (all listed here on the TV appearance page) (live from the Ritz, the Gratitude music video, the Weird Science video), plus Danny telling us a little bit about each one. If anyone has any background information, please let me know. I understand this was recorded to be Boingo's first official video but never quite made it. Which is highly possible.

MTV Saturday Night Concert; The Ritz (1985)
A nice long show with the band featuring Dead Man's Party, Who Do You Want To Be, Just Another Day, Grey Matter, Stay, Weird Science and Goodbye Goodbye.

Back To School (1985)
A classic that every fan knows of, mostly because many Boingo fans became fans after seeing the band perform live at Rodney Dangerfield's party.

Dick Clark Special Live from Disneyland (1985)
Featuring that famous ditty "Weird Science" performed by the boys

Jerry Lewis Telethon (1987)
Just a live performance playing "We Close Our Eyes" and "Not My Slave".

Time Scooter (1987)
Although it was just Danny who composed the score to this MTV 'film', Steve Bartek, John Avila and Danny were all featured in a promotional program, basically sitting around a piano either playing it very badly or stooped over it 'asleep'. I think maybe this program featured Oingo Boingo music videos in-between the silly bits around the piano. Whilst it wasn't exactly a show, it wasn't an interview either, as they said a maximum of 10 words ranging from mumbles and snoring, to a very zombified "it's perfect, we couldn't improve on it". I'm hoping to get pictures of it soon so at least you'll see what I'm on about. Cringingly fun.

In Person (1987)
A Live show where Boingo play Elevator Man, We Close Our Eyes and Not My Slave. Also including a short interview with Danny, John Avila, Vatos and Sluggo.

Video One with Richard Blade (1987)
A nice interview with Danny that also included the music videos for Stay, Nothing Bad Ever Happens To Me and Gratitude.

Joan Rivers (1987)
Playing "Not My Slave" and "Dead Man's Party" with a silly interview between the two.

Beverly Theatre (11.2.1987)
Nice long show with Dead Man's Party, Who Do You Want To Be, Home Again, Just Another Day, Pain, Not My Slave, Stay, Grey Matter, Wild Sex and Weird Science.

Keep On Cruisin' (1987)
Show featuring "Not My Slave" and "Elevator Man".

"French Interview" (1987)
Short interview in Danny's home studio and a live version of "Not My Slave" at Irvine Meadows
(if anyone knows this interview and knows what channel or program it was on, please contact me)

Boingo Alive! Release (1988)
Never a band to do things the conventional way, Boingo hand delivered their albums and of course, the reporters were there...

Rock N Reel (1988)
Short interview with Danny about how busy he is .(It might be short, but it was this one interview that convinced me as to how busy the poor man really was when balancing Boingo and film music at the same time...) Mine is bad, bad quality, so if anyone has a nice clear one they'd like to trade...ahem...

Rock N Reel (1988)
Even shorter (and in my case, even worse quality) than the other, this one has Danny explaining that he thought composing meant he had to be some kind of classical musical genius....

Skeletons In The Closet (1989)
One of only three commercially sold "Boingo" videos (The Forbidden Zone and Farewell being the other two). Includes the music videos for "Stay", "Just Another Day", "Gratitude," "Little Girls," "Nothing Bad Ever Happens," and "Private Life".

E! (1990)
Now this is an enigmatic beast. I have no idea how it got into the bootleg world, but I'm pretty sure it was never aired on television in this light. It is a long interview that looks like it has been taken by hand-held personal video camera backstage somewhere. There are no presenters in view, but you hear the guy asking the questions. Half way through the interview, someone asks how much longer the filming will be, and the camera fails, showing only the 'test card' colour strips. Still, you can hear the people filming and Danny telling someone that the 'door's open, anyone can come in...' When the camera starts rolling again, it seems that someone has turned off the light for the picture is now very dark and you can bearly see Danny. Very odd. The only indication that this is indeed for "E!" is that, at the end, the interviewer asks Danny to do two trailers for 'E! Entertainment".

Nightwatch May (1990)
A lovely long interview (though some bootlegs only have the second half) with Danny, chatting about everything from working on Dick Tracy to why he wrote the song "Out Of Control". To check if you have the full interview, see if Danny mentions 'teen suicide'.

Request Videos - Food For Feet (1990)
Okay, Not Boingo. Food For Feet is a Boingo spin off band, featuring John and John. But hey, any interview with those two guys has simply got to be entertaining....

Request Videos - Boingo (1990)
Again, if you combine John Avila, John Hernandez, Pizza and live TV, you've got yourself one hell of a fun interview.

Interview At Danny's Home (1990)
If anyone knows the program this featured on, please let me know. Just a short interview with Danny about his scores and how they tire him down so much so that he literally drags himself down to his studio...

Life And Times (1993)
Long interview with Danny, taking us into the highs and lows of film music, politics, and rigormorits stiff fingers...

Tim Burton HBO Special (1993 (?)
Danny had a very, very short interview on this odd  Tim Burton special. I'm not sure of the date, but it *looks* like a 1993 one...

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
The most 'Danny Elfman' film there is, featuring his score, voice and songs. Do I really need to go into any more detail?

The Making of The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
All 'The making of NmBC' interviews are okay by me, especially if they feature Danny singing as Jack, like this one does...

ET! The Making Of The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
Yet another wonderful interview. This one, however, takes us into Danny's delightful home and shows us his wonderful collection of Day Of The Dead art, shrunken heads and a charming little green dissected finger...

The Nightmare Before Christmas Laser Disc Edition (1993)
Has several short interviews with Danny; the main one in the 'Songs' section of the whole "Making Of" part. Also includes some stills of him and Tim Burton working together.

E! Features: The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
A wonderful long program with not only Danny but practically the entire cast of The Nightmare Before Christmas. Going from how Tim Burton and Henry Selick met up, to why Danny felt he was the only man to sing Jack, this interview has it all

How The Grinch Stole Christmas (1994)
Although Tim Burton and Danny Elfman really had nothing to do with it, they were interviewed about their thoughts on the whole Grinch scenario.

Jay Leno (1994)
Fun nostalgic interview with Danny, plus a live "Hey!"

Greg Kinnear (1994)
Nice long interview with Danny, plus, again, "Hey!" played live. Gotta love the "badabim-badaboingo", even if Danny didn't.

Culture Clash! (1994)
What else? Hey! performed live...

Shrunken Heads (1994)
Okay, maybe Danny doesn't appear in the film. Nor to any other band members. But ex-Mystic Knight / brother to Danny, director of The Forbidden Zone, does. Richard Elfman's second film, featuring him as a preacher on the bus....and Danny also wrote the theme

AMC 'The Hollywood Soundtrack Story' (1995)
When all the great Hollywood composers get together to talk of their work, it's obvious Danny is there, telling the story of how the Batman theme came to him in a Boeing 747....

E! Farewell (1995)
A short interview with Danny about Farewell and his emotions at that time...

Pathfinders (1996)
Danny, along with the directors of Dead Presidents and his friend, Livia Corona, take a trip to the Amazon in the hope of adventure and discoveries. Great fun, with laughs all the way.

From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)
Johnny Vatos appears as a drummer for his new band "Tito and the Turantullas "

"The Frighteners" Laser Disk (1996 - released in 1998)
I don't know why the long gap, but this was filmed in 1996 and only released much later in 1998.

Included some rather long interviews with Danny about the film, plus also a before and after clip of the film, before Danny added his music and afterwards, and also, a scene in which the music had been cut, with its full original music.

E! Flubber (1997)
A short interview with Danny about his score. Doesn't he look thrilled to be there? *sarcasm*

CNN (1998)
Very short clip of Danny eating followed by a very short interview where Danny states, yet again, that the Titanic will take the Oscars by such a storm that it will win in catagories it hasn't been nominated for.

Oscars (1998)
Although this didn't hold the outcome any Elfman fan wanted, eagle eyed viewers may have spotted him across from the Titanic crew whenever they got an award. Yay. *oh the irony*.
Oscars (1998) pt. 2
Before the Oscars themselves, Danny was interviewed on the red carpet...
Oscars (1998) pt.3
On "GMTV" (A morning Television show in the UK), Mark Freeden, the local Hollywood link, took viewers down the long Oscar line up. Happily, Danny was in close view, at the end of the line up, where the camera lingered for a nice long time.

*Psycho DVD Edition (1999)
Short interview with Danny on the scoring of Psycho.

?? (1999)
Short interview with Danny re: going back to pop (please, if anyone has this, contact me)

Edward Sissorhands Shorts (re: Sleepy Hollow) (Late 1999)
During the film Edward Sissorhands, while played on television in the States, there were short interviews with the makers of Sleepy Hollow (being Tim, Danny and Johnny Depp
). Here Danny spoke of his similarities with Tim.