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Falling through the coils of harsh memories,
Landing on the darkness of the floor,
Tearing at the shreds of dull insanity,
Clinging tight before you fall some more.

When I was young, I grew some wings of feathers.
And with them I ascended to the sky.
I never thought that it would end in tethers.
I never dreamed I’d forget just how to fly.

And in those days, I fancied life so perfect,
I never thought for once you’d do me harm.
Things, for that brief moment, went like clockwork
I’d sit alone yet still be in your arms.

But time, they say, just has a way of turning.
And like pure milk, the whole thing went so sour.
I tried to turn away and stop my yearning,
But the heart beats on through every painful hour.

You confided in me, spilling your heart’s content
You told me things I never thought you’d say.
Don’t tell me “Another life would make it different.”
Because if you want it to, reality can change.

They say only those you care for truly hurt you,
you only fight with those your heart swells for
Indifference is a painful, anti-virtue.
Because you can’t ignore those whom you adore.

And screaming against the dull hews of my hindsight,
I guess I knew it wasn’t meant to be,
To live a life so perfect isn’t my right
Happiness; a blind spot there for me.

I suppose someday I’ll look back on my sorrows,
And wonder why I ever felt this way
But at this moment, I see few tomorrows
Life is bleak without you in my day.

So forgive me if I seem a little distant
I’ll try to wipe life clean and start anew.
But close my eyes and I’m transported in an instant
To a world in which reality is you.