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Factoid: - At the risk of sounding completely ignorant with the Boingo scene, I can't tell you whether this, or the Midnight Run music came first (obviously the "Midnight Run" music was released first; though this says nothing). Two released versions; the Midnight Run soundtrack and the Dateott recording. The Midnight Run soundtrack features female backup vocals, I believe.

Try to Believe

Well I wish real hard when I close my eyes
If I could change the world, would I even try
If I found a reason to regain my pride
Oh if I try to believe, try to believe


It's so hard to find an answer
It's so hard to stand alone
It's so hard to find a feeling
That was buried long ago
It's so hard to trust another
When it's easier to hide
It's so hard to believe
Unless we try baby try

If I had a dream and it got away
If I found the words would I know what to say
If I had a chance to be someone else
Yeah if I try to believe, try to believe


If I found a door I've never been through
Would I have the courage to go in without you ?

(Try To Believe)

And if time runs short would I recognise
The things I couldn't see
If I try to believe, try to believe

If we listen to the voices that were silent for so long
If you thought they went away, well you couldn't be more wrong
If I tell you there is something that we've lost but can retrieve
If I tell you there is hope, if we try to believe
You remember there's a dream that we long since put aside
With the toys that we discarded
And the tears we never cried
We could have had it once again, if we try baby try