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Factoid: - I love this song. It's possibly, alongside Crusin', my faveourite MKOTOB-era song. It was written in a similar frame of mind as "Imposter", about Hollywood and those who would stab you in the back as soon as look at you. Alas, these lyrics are taken from a live recording of reasonably good quality. If anybody has the complete lyrics, I'd love to hear them. Plus, if there's a studio cut out there, I'd love to obtain it; I've got some good trades at hand, possibly.

The Entertainer

So you want to make it, friend,
Some advice to you I'll lend,
Don't believe them when they tell you;
"Trust me, trust me. I'll take care of everything."

(Follow your heart)
Sign your name (don't complain)
It's part of the game

Fall in line and you'll go far,
By next year you will be a star,
Don't forget we made you what you are...

Cross the line where everything is fine,
Live all our fantasies,
Although then don't forget,
There is no turning back
March ahead, don't try and look behind
Don't have to look to find
You're hanging by a thred
? (to pretend?)
Contracts and papers to sign
Lawyers are standing in line
Executives are there
Statements are all prepaired
Accountants keeping their time
Pictures in the magazines
Agents can handle disease
The critics turn the wheels
? and their deals
So patronising but
See how they stand with their hatchets in their hands
Waiting for their chance to strike

Don't mess with me, don't mess with me
I've been around
I know your type
Is me you want
I'll hurt your hide
Watch what you say
Its not okay
Its me you want
I'll sign my name
We'll play the game
But don't pretend
That you're my friend
Don't shake my hand
I've paid my dues
I've paid my dues
Stand in my path
Tread on my toes
I'll cut your throat
I'll cut your throat
I'll take your life
I'll screw your wife
That's what I'll do
Its me or you
Don't mess with me
Don't mess with me
I'm not like you
I've got my pride
Don't try and take
Me for a ride
I come from here
Its me you fear!

Now we're aquainted
You need not pretend
Just make sure you mean it

? or you...

Don't mess with me
Don't mess with me
I've been around
I've paid my dues

It's me or you....ooooh


Sacred or profane
Be prepared to lose more than you'll gain.