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Note: This is an adapted version of Cab Calloway's Minnie The Moocher, as sang by Danny Elfman (who played Satan) in "The Forbidden Zone."

Squeezit The Moocher

Well son, let me tell you, I'm so pleased to meet you
The boys and I've been expecting to greet you
As guest of honour in the house of the dead
Just relax, lay yourself down, say goodbye to your head
Hidehidie hiii (hidie hidie hi)
Wode woah de wo (Wode woah de wo)
Wada wada waye (Wada wada waye )
Hidie hidie ho

Please Mr. Devil, it's not for me I'm pleadin'
If you help Rene and Frenchy, I'll give you what you're needin'

If you want to bargain then produce something real
Deliver me the Princess, boy, then you've got a deal
(Deliver him the Princess, boy, then you've got a deal)


Oh, skip da skip da dayde do (Oh, skip da skip da dayde do)
Skipidap de de dap di dop (Skipidap de de dap di dop)
Oh dap dap dap daddy-o (Oh dap dap dap daddy-o)

Hidie hi de ho.. (Hidie hi de ho.. )

Congratulations, son, you really deliver
This little gal makes me shake and a-shiver
Don't think I've forgotten all those things that I've said
Don't worry about your friends, relax! Now off with his head.

Hidie hidie hidie di...
(Hidie hidie hidie di...)
Hodie hodie odie odie oh...
(Hodie hodie odie odie oh..)
Wydie wydie widie day (Wydie wydie widie day)
Hidie hidie ohhh...

Be nice to me babe, or you'll regret it.
You are my hostage, and don't you forget it
The night is early and there's lots to be done
Lets boogie now, come on, we're going to have some fun

Ohydie hi dihidie (Ohydie hi dihidie )
Hidie idiei (Hidie idiei)

Wooooah! (wooooooah)

Hidie hidie ho (Hidie hidie ho)

Ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhhhh