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All original artwork and characters are © to me. Steal them and I can and will kill you. Thankyou kindly. ^^
I'm not saying that this is my best artwork - far from, in fact, but it's all I currently have on my hard drive and the site is new, so stick with me :)

Ever have one of those days? Why is it that those you want to chat to most actually do have work to do? - a private joke to the little Brucie lookielike I took under my wing,. According to the picture, he lives in a world where computers don't have keyboards, apparently...
An unfinished, non morphic wolf. Alseep. Oh, the imagination. I'll scan the finished image oneday. The original pencil, computer rendition of the sleeping wolfie. I didn't use any special functions or effects, just my own mouse "skill".
Very rough concept work of an old character of mine who finally has a name. When I visited Arizona in 1998, it made sense that I'd call my coyote character after the state. Shame I never actually got to hear, or see, a real coyote.  I'm still waiting. I think he was supposed to be a coydog. Y'know. The result of a domestic dog getting too close to some randy coyote bloke. Anyway, very rough, character concept. Got bored and left it. Not very original. Bleh.
Another private joke to the Willis Wannabe, but by God am I pleased with this image. It didn't take very long to do and it's just gorgeous, if I do say so myself. Piggy & Little Fox, I love you guys. (And I don't care what anything says, Little Fox is a coyote). Pierre! My little circus freak of a bunny. He's a very melecholy soul, is little Pierre. Oh, and a shameless plug for my favourite band, there.
T'sané. (Pronounced Tis-aah-nay). A bad, rough, unfinished sketch of Pierre's lil buddy. Happy chappy. Who's been studying too much King Lear, then? This is proof I cannae draw anything like TLK Lions. :P
Proof that I can use watercolours! Badly. Ahem.

Another watercolour piece. was on my hard drive...*yawns* Za'aphale (working name), my darling angel character. The only 'human-esque' thing I'll even try to draw. The thumbnail is out of proportion.

Want to make a request? Just ask. I love art trades. Ask about comissions. I don't think I'm ready to do them but who am I to refuse money? :)
What I draw:
Anything canine. Realistic, anthropomorphic, furry-realistic (i.e. Balto, 101 Dalmations).
Most anthropomorphic animals so long as they resemble animals and are not human-like (I'm no good at anime or manga yet).
Mobian-esque characters.
I mainly computer colour. I rarely paint or use pencils because a) I tend to ruin the pictures and b) I loathe colouring, period.
What I can't draw:
TLK Characters (yet).
Echidnas ! (ala Mobian)
Humans, period. Sorry, folks. I don't enjoy it even if I could draw them.
What I won't draw:
Anything pornographic (I'll go for tasteful suggestive images but nothing revealing or just gross)
Anything promoting hunting or animal cruelty of any kind. I am totally against this in any form and if you don't like that, you can find somebody else to promote the blood-lust.
Anything promoting racial hate, or against people of homosexual nature, or anything against sexual equality....basically, hatred of any kind towards other people. There is no place for that sort of mentality in this world. Take it elsewhere.