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Make It Right

When I was a young boy
My mama said, "Son
Don't start making trouble
Or you'll end up on the run, boy.
So you'd better do it right
And you'd better have a reason
Or you'll have to learn to fight
You gotta do it right."

When I was a young man
I couldn't get enough
Then I met you baby
But baby I was drunk
Do you want to make it right
Would you like to do it real?
Would you care to spend the night?
Make it right, make it right...

I didn't know how to react
I hit them hard, they hit me back
You came along, without a fight
I didn't think it'd last me all night

Now I'm wiser
I'm ready to suceed
I don't go where I'm not wanted
And I take just what I need, yeah.

'Cause I wanna do it right...