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Factiod: - this is the original version of what we know and love to be Tender Lumplings that was featured on the 1994 BOINGO album. It was sang pre-Mystic Knight shows and was also featured at the start of the Farewell video. See also "Tender Lumplings"

Tender Lumplings

And so my tender lumplings let me welcome here you now
Into our flesh pink home of hearts, we'll greet you with a bow
So entertain you must, we may, our pleasure from within
The Oingo Boingo treasure chest of lust and moral sin

We'll take you to a place you'd like to visit least of all
Where great great aunts and uncles lie and snakes and spiders crall
The graveyard is a peaceful place where people tread about
But late at night the tenants leave their rooms to scream and shout
So take heed, brother, the full moon glows
And may the good lord save your soul!