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Hrm...well it seems that the new boy has misgivings.
Finding the paradise has left him unimpressed (or so it seems)
He doesn't seem to realise what a lucky boy he is
Or the single greatest atribute that we here all possess.

That special thing of which I speak is only the most important quality
Surely without which we would not be free
Now I ask you boy, what can this thing be?
Hear me now, we call it loyalty!

Loyalty! Have you ever heard of that, Jimmy old bean? Loyalty! And by crikey, we've got plenty of that here, don't we lads? We stick together!

The only rule that really counts
Comes right from the heart and can't be taught in school (don't you know?)
And it is more than just an attitude (much more).

Can't be bought or sold
Doesn't grow on trees
Hear me now we call it loyalty!

To our greatest land of lands, Philedelphia (?) And all it represents! And what boy wouldn't give his right arm for a taste of the freedoms we possess!?

A life without adults and all the misery they bring
The painful task of growing up is just a memory
We've everything we could desire, but most importantly
We've got a bond that links us all
We've got our loyalty!

Never let it be said that we aren't true to the end!
We would all rather die than to betray our friends!
For loyalty is pride you see, and pride is everything!
Cry to the world that was made from scratch
From the very fabric of our dreams
(Or have you forgotten Jimmy?)

And is this not your dream come true
Is this not in fact your lifelong fantasy (Isn't it?)
Is it too much to ask one simple thing?
All that we require
In this dream of dreams
All we ask of you is loyalty!