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Little Angels

Look at them those little Angels
Heaven watches over them
Delicate, so small and frail
How I want to comfort them.

It was but a chance of fate
That I was blessed to find them there
So in need of teder loving
Gentle things, they ask for nothing… Little Angels

There they are those little darlings…
Hear their laughter soft and sweet
All their past will fade away
and slowly melt into their dreams

Look at them, those little Angels
How it warms my heart to watch
Knowing that I've saved them from a
fate that's much to grim to think of… heaven's watching

Coming from that hellish world, how could they have stayed so pure.
So untouched by evil's hand, it's so hard to understand…

Look at them, see how they sleep.
so innocent and free of care.
Everything I've always longed for
All the answers to my prayers.

Always searching patiently
To find a meaning in my life
How lucky then I was to find them
God give me the strength to find them
For it's You who've placed them here…
For me to love, for me to care …
For me to love … those Little Angels