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Firstly, my apologies for the frames for those of you who cannot access framed sites. This method does, however, make things much easier to navigate and generally makes things neater.

March 15th. 2001.
Boy, was I missing some songs in that there Lyric page or not? Although none of them as yet have the lyrics up, I've added a massive bunch of songs that I'd previously been missing (Hipsters On Parade, Make It Right, Hello Satan, Is This, Cry Of The Vatos,etc). Again, though I don't yet have the lyrics up, I do own every song mentioned on the lyric server, including the rares and MKOTOB cuts. If anybody wants to strike up trades, contact moi!

March 13nd 2001.
Well....not much in the way of news just yet - been busy with some little 'real life' matters I haven't had time to transcribe more lyrics or articles. Sorries.
On a semi-related note, I went and saw The Gift the other night. Personally, call me mad, but I actually did enjoy it, though perhaps it was a little long winded at times. Danny's breif appearance was actually longer than I had originally thought it to be (for some reason I'd assumed his part to be that of some stand-in at the back that you could miss if you blinked. Instead, it was a rather "major" little part could miss if you blinked). Made me chuckle, though. Also made me wonder why red-haired, fiddle-playing Danny never once, ala Mystic Knights, played "The Devil Went Down To Georgia."


Feb 28 2001.
Regular updates! How long will this last? (snide comments not welcome, thankyou very much). Not much of an update though, just a thankyou to Jason for confirming that the one missing lyric I wasn't sure of in Faster is actually "Dogs begin to read Shakespear."
As you do.

Feb 27 2001 - Yes, <yawn> Danny writes his own music.
When my site was new (started in late 1996, would you believe), and when I was terribly naive and small minded (no comments, please), one feature on my main page was a an "Open Letter From Danny Elfman"; a letter originally published in Keyboard magazine, 1990. I didn't bother with adding it to the new, updated FMKTHL since, with Oscar nominations and various prestigious critical acclaims, it seemed to me that Danny had finally gained all due recognition for his work.
I was wrong. Very recently it came to my attention that there are those in the musical profession who continue to feel the need to teach false and spiteful rumours about Mr. Elfman. I hope these are a minority. While the music profession is (almost by definition) highly competitive and dreadfully vindictive at times, I am appalled to believe that these views and attitudes are not earned by ones own opinion, but by teachings layed down by another who claims to be professional in their actions.

So here, once again for all to view, is Danny's open letter to the world. Read it and make of it what you will. Believe it if you so chose, or don't believe it, it's your call. Danny, like myself, can only offer you his words of truth. I am only sorry for those who feel the need to talk in facts when your words echo rumours.

An Open Letter From Danny Elfman

To go along side this, I shall in time put up some other proof of innocence, including handwritten scores and more interview snippets, though I don't honestly see why I, or Danny for that matter, should prove anything to anybody.