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22. September - UPDATE!!!!!! UPDATE!!!
Dear lord, I'm sorry folks. For once there's a little a little information to be had in the Boingo world, and I've neglected you terribly. Reasons? Idleness, lazy, visiting America, University starting, CuteFTP dying a death on me (I'll be damned if I'm going to *gasp* pay for my ftp client!) and this PC really, really dying a painful, slow, death on me. I am planning to get a laptop efore Christmas, but little things like $120 My Little Ponies and trips to Seattle get in the way....

-'God Bless America'
My heart and very soul goes to the Americans, to those touched by the evil that cloaked your country on the 11th, and to the Britons lost and missing still. Other lives were taken, of course, but none so many as England and America. I was in the United States at the time; had flown in to Seattle on the Monday to visit a friend and see TMBG in concert. The show never happened. For that week, it seems, America stood still. No words I can ever say will help lift the darkness and, at this distance of thousands of miles, I can't help but feel helpless and unsupportive. While I was in the States, in the week that followed the horrible chain of events, I couldn't help but feel this immense sense of pride for your country. The television, newspapers, billboards and signs, each and every one reflected a sense of unity, of courage, and honour. You people are proud of your country and rightly so. I am also proud of our President, Tony Blair, and stand by everything he had to say. We will be there for you, beside you, in every sense of the word. It's about time this world united against its evils. It's only a shame it took something so disastrous and terrible to bring together the nations.
America is awake now, and it has matured. The phoenix rises from the ashes and grows into something greater than it was before.

-On a lighter note - Hallowe'en, Dammit.
I don't suppose there's ever a time I want to be in America more than at Hallowe'en. I've missed the boat twice, now; two years since I was in Hollywood, attending one of the numerous parties there. The time before that, I had been in San Fransisco, and time before that, way back in 1993, I had been in Florida. While Dublin, Ireland, is also a great place to celebrate the funnest, darkest night of the year, nothing quite holds the magic California does for me now, when you can't walk into a shop without hearing some Nightmare Before Christmas or Boingo reference, when the windows are lined with Hallowe'en Town oddities.

This year, however, I'd have given my right arm to be in America...California...for Halloween. If you haven't heard of the Nightmare Before Christmas Disney Haunted Mansion, by now,  you must have been under a rock. I saw one photograph of it, stolen shamelessly from the 'Dead Man's Party' Yahoo! Club (visit!), and it made my heart go thump. How dreadfully unfair! But how beautiful! On the 3rd, I believe, of October, there is a special day in which Danny Elfman and Tim Burton will be there. The prices for this special event were around $80 and $200, I believe. The $200 package included dinner, limited edition gifts and, of course, the celebrity panel.

My good friend Paul sent me a transcript of the Halloween Town ride around the mansion, which can be found here.

If anybody can provide me with some photographs or recordings (c'mon, someone must want to boot this) (especially of Danny and Tim), I would love to see them and add them to the site (or just get melancholy and miserable, at least). You all know I'll trade for it :)

-Boingo are back!!
...kind of. On the 26th of October, at the House Of Blues in Anaheim (a spot Boingo visited in days of olde), a special Boingo Tribute Band will preform in honour of the best Halloween act California had to offer. Tickets cost $20, and the show starts at 10:30. It's 21+, so get those fake IDs ready. This is something I would have loved to have seen, darn it, so again, if anybody could provide me with photos, information (track listing?) or recordings of this, I would greatly reciprocate!!

-DVD Farewell
We knew it had to happen, and it has. Alas, there's not much new here, if anything at all (I'm currently waiting to snag a copy off someone, if he ever finds it himself :/ ) If you have trouble finding a copy, try:
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-And Finally
...Have any other Brits seen that terrible 'Oingy Boingy' advert? Does it annoy you as it does me?

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