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-I've seen some abreviations on the web such as "OAL" and "DATEOTT." What do these stand for?
Here's a list of the meanings to some of the catchy abreviations you may have seen on the web. Please let me know if I'm missing any.

Afob -; The Boingo newsgroup found here.
rmade -; the Elfman newsgroup found here.
OBEN - The Oingo Boingo Electronic Newsletter

MKOTOB - Mystic Knights Of The Oingo Boingo (Boingo pre-1980, really)
OAL - Only A Lad (Album reference, not the song)
NTF - Nothing To Fear (ditto above)
GFYS - Good For Your Soul (Making sense now, isn't it?)
Solo - Danny Elfman Solo
DATEOTT - Dark At The End Of The Tunnel
SITC - Skeletons In The Closet
NmBC - Nightmare Before Christmas (also seen as NBC, which can be annoying given  the American station of the same title.)

-Where can I buy [such and such]?
Depending on where in the world you are, finding Boingo and Elfman goodies can be easy as pie or hard as hell. If you're in America, any good music store should stock Oingo Boingo CDs and cassettes; many used stores will also offer their LPs and vinyl stock. In England, I've found various Boingo CDs in large cities in the likes of Virgin Megastores, Tower Records and HMV Megastores; most imports. The earlier CDs (Only A Lad, Nothing To Fear) usually sell, new and imported, for only £10, so do snap them up if you can. Failing that, you can order them here!

-Where did you get all your stuff from? Do I have to pay the Earth for Boingo items such as posters and T shirts?
Oh, no, of course not. Again, Ebay is a good place to look, as well as (American, Californian specifically) used record stores and the likes. Me personally, I just have some very, very good friends. I've never spent over the odds on a Boingo item (I only own four signed items and I didn't pay a penny for any of them - you don't have to be rich to get good items). With saying that, I don't own the MKOTOB 45 or the old EP Demo....tight purse strings, see.

-I'm interested in obtaining some bootlegs but how do I know that some songs aren't the same but with different titles?
This, I've found, is a problem. Different trade circles can mean different title tracks to those un-officially released songs and, mostly, songs found only on MKOTOB bootlegs. Here's a vague list of what I think to be the alternative titles. If anyone can varify which are the 'real' names, please let me know.

Comets Tail / Dominique ( The lyrics "Her name is Dominique" and "Straight to Heaven on a Comets Tail. give fuel to these"
Faster / Chedrania (I must admit I've only once seen this song listed as "Chedrania," I'd always known it as "Faster." It contains the lyrics "Faster, faster, better now than later...", though it does open with "On Chedrania...")
Inside / Inside You (Okay, not a lot of difference but don't get your hopes up if you're expecting some new song when someone offers "Inside You".)

- I've seen people requesting songs like "Find You" and "I Stand Defeated", but I've never heard of these before. Is there a rare Boingo album I'm missing?
No, there are only 13 Boingo albums (OAL, NTF, GFYS, Solo, DMP, BOI-NGO, DATEOTT, BOINGO, Farewell, SITC, Best O', Alive and the 1999 release "Anthology". Some 'rare' songs (say, "Bachelor Party" and "I'm Afraid") were never released on Boingo albums, but were released on movie soundtracks and compilations (see the soundtrack and compilation listing). Even rarer, though, were those songs that were never officially released; songs that leaked out of the hands of the producers or band members and somehow made their way into the online community. You can find the lyrics to these here, and can try asking other traders for copies via the various trading boards and communities (the is as good a place as any to start). Various FTP Sites also have many of these rare songs uploaded and avaliable for download. I regret that I do not trade for blank tapes anymore.

- What about a Mystic Knight album?
Sorry, but no. There was only one MKOTOB release and that was a 45 that contained two songs ("You Got Your Baby Back" and "Ballad Of The Caveman"). It's also a very, very hard item to find. Darn it. Again, MKOTOB songs can be found on FTP sites and can be easily traded for if you find a Boingo fan who's nice enough and owns them. The lyrics to every MKOTOB I know is here.

-Little Demons? Jimmy Callicut? luck here. These two screenplays written by Danny are musics (and darn good they sound, too). Alas, to get the songs you'll have to track down a nice Boingo / Elfman fan, or download them. And, again, all the lyrics are here.

-Okay, so what the heck is "Woke Up Clipped"?
If you own a few MKOTOB bootlegs, you'll probably see the track listing "Woke Up Clipped," "Sluggo Solo" or "Nature Zone." - as far as I know, these are all the same. I usually call it "Woke Up Clipped", though I'm sure this is inaccurate and someday someone will yell at me for it. Basically, it's mainly a sax piece by Sluggo.