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"Euro" BOINGO 1994 Release
While at times it can seem as though the farther East you go, the less Boingo is known, a special edition of "Boingo" was released only in Europe and Australia. While not radically different from its American brother, the CD does include the studio version of "Helpless", a song released only on cassette in the States. There are smaller, minor differences, such as the paper on which the booklet is produced (shiny, not the matt finish look), and the print on the actual CD being a lot darker. Nothing too special, but die hard collectors might like to know it exists. This would be the fith BOINGO alternative release (alongside the Cigar-wrapped Lim. Edition, the cassette, the normal US release and the odd, cardboard-insert release).

Simpson's Elfman
As uninteresting and irrelevant to life this is, it's something I found oddly cute. During the Simpson's Halloween Specials, you'll notice the credits are changed slightly to fit in with the holiday mood (James "Hell" Brooks, etc). Danny's name, of course, is of no exception. Let me know if you've seen anymore!
-Danny Elfblood
-Danny Elf Man
-Red Wolf Elfman