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The Oingo Boingo community was, when I first found myself joining, a very close group of friends; many of whom having met before, off line, at Boingo shows. The past 5 years have seen this community has somewhat dwindled, so I have decided to make a mailing list to help bring 'Boingoloids' together once again. At this moment in time, the list has over 100 members who talk about everything from Danny Elfman's composing to rare Boingo songs and their concert experiences. Anyone can join, but must obey the rules (and who makes the rules?).
Well... me actually...

1) Messages don't have to be directly about Oingo Boingo or Danny Elfman, but it helps.  Try not to include excessive bad language or profanity. After all, Boingo fans come in all shapes, sizes and ages. Lets keep this as 'child-friendly' as we can. Try to stay on topic as much as possible, but I understand it is hard to keep on topic about a band that has been extinct for so long.

2) NO ONE LINERS !! I can NOT express this clearly enough. People are sick of them, and they lose the humour after the first hundred or so. If you feel the urge to reply with a quick humourous quip, send the email ONLY to the one person to whom you're replying.

3) You can include links to web sites, or ebay etc. but you _must_ include the whole URL. No direct hyper links alone, please, because many people won't be able to use them

4) It is advised not to send out attachments. If you feel you must, please make them small files. Many systems cannot take huge attachments. It's more advisable to send out a url of the attatchment. If you do not have web access, you can always email the picture to me, and I'll put it on the web to show others.

5) Do NOT send forwards unless they are related to Oingo Boingo or Danny Elfman. Even if it's a well wishing forward, just DON'T send...many folks don't care and will just delete it.

6) CHANGE THE SUBJECT! I know it may sound obvious, but sometimes a subject (Title) of a letter can continue long after the topic of the letter has been dropped. If you want to make a new topic, reply as you'd normally do and change the title!!

7) Have fun!


Ye Gads, if I hear another "Take me off this list" request, I'll set my collection of rabid hamsters on you. Simply go to, sign in, select "Boingo" and click the clever link that strangely enough says "Unsubscribe To Boingo". Not hard, is it?