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Equality among Equines

Because they're not so different, really.



Everybody has a right to what they believe in. If they chose not to collect the new ponies, well that's fine by me. Who am I to start saying what people should and should not collect? But what does annoy me, and what I will actively speak out against, are the few people who feel they have the right to verbally bash the ponies and the people who like those ponies, for no real reason other than the fact that they are different. Those who will go onto a newsgroup only to post negative comments about the new ponies that are in most cases unfounded.

I really, really hope we're not going to bring the same discrimination that we as human beings subject on each other into Ponyland. The whole basic point of My Little Pony, the very essence that is Ponyland, that the comics, books, TV shows and audio cassettes promote, is to love one and other, no matter what. Even the Gravedales found a place in their hearts for Nightshade, and he had done them wrong. The new ponies have done nothing wrong.

Persecution simply does not happen in Ponyland. As a child, my interpretation of Ponyland was this wonderful, wonderful place in which magical things happened. A place where these mythical creatures could live together happily. Each day brought a new adventure. I could close my eyes and I'd be there, walking towards the mighty Dream Castle, or in the meadows playing with Apple Jack and Cotton Candy. Ponyland, to me, represents a world that is so pure and so full of love, a world I wish to God we had ourselves.

I understand that this world is not our own, that Ponyland is mere fiction and that the way in which the ponies live is not the way we as humans can live on Earth. That would be a naive, foolish fantasy, and one adulthood dawns on us like a brick to the head. Still, we shouldn't bring hatred into this fictitional land. If we chose not to collect, that's fine. But don't hate. There's enough hatred in this world, the last thing we need to do is to bring it into the Pony world as well.

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Equality Among Equines

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