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Factoid: - I love this song.

Dance on My Grave

Hear me now before I depart,
All you faithful, tender of heart.
Gather round now, stand up and be brave,
Soon you can meet, and dance on my grave.

Hear me now, for I'll soon be dead,
You'll sleep better tonight in your beds,
And your good daughters, now will be safe,
Gather together and dance on my grave.

Who will watch with scorn in their eyes waiting for some nasty surprise
…waiting for God to strike me down first
Drink of my pain, you can all quench your thirst

But if you could for one minute be me
See the world through my eyes, oh the things you would see
And how you would wail when you fell in that hole
While the weight of the darkness was crushing your soul

Then back in your safe little lives you would snap,
Still looking at me- with me looking back.
But those haughty expressions would have vanished for sure,
Those superior eyes would no longer be pure,
And there in the heart of your lily white souls,
Would appear to be marred by a large gaping hole.

When you think of me then in time,
And the cold wind touches your spine,
Though you may shudder, the memory remains,
Come drink a toast as you dance on my grave.

Words and gestures, who really cares?
Words are cheap and nothing but air,
Useless are words, it's time now to pay,
Come one and come all, and dance on my grave.