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Factiod: - written by Mike Tovar

Cross Culture

I think the time is over
A treaty come to pass
A colour shines it's magic
Will it ever last
I know of this sorrow
Living day to day
You can't stand your brother
In a different way
Some say it's hatred
Some say it's your fear
Reach out to the different

It's a cross culture
Looking for the magic
It's a cross culture
Living every day

The pain says it's over
The children make us laugh
Look to the future not the past
I know all this power living day to day
A culture shines with magic
It will always stay
Some blame your mothers
Some say it's just man
Look to the future

It's just a cross culture, looking for the magic
It's just a cross culture living every day
Its a cross culture, looking for the magic
It's cross culture, living every day

Some say it's your hatred, some say it's your feat
Reach out for the different