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. Compilations .
Here's a listing of every known compilation (including movie soundtracks) that have featured Boingo tunes. Some songs are even exclusive to these albums and never featured on any Boingo release.
(To view a full sized version of the image, where avaliable, click on it. )
Images shamelessly stolen from Ebay auctions, various websites or from my personal collection. If you have something that is missing here, please contact me.

-Very much work in progress! Yip-

L. A. In (1979)
Song: "I'm Afraid." (previously unreleased; never released on any Boingo album)
-Factiod; this was the first time the shorter name of "Oingo Boingo" was published on an album (as opposed to having the "Mystic Knights Of The" prefix.

[Image unavaliavle at the moment ]

I. R. S Greatest Hits Volume One (1980)
Song: "Only A Lad" & "Ain't This The Life".
[This is as opposed to the suggested IRS. Greatest Hits Vol. 1 release which was said to only feature "Ain't This The Life." - I'm not sure where the conformation is for that one, but the one mentioned here is in my own collection (bought, I should add, in England)].

[Image unavaliavle at the moment ]

Urgh! A Music War (1980)
Song: "Ain't This The Life"

Fast Times At Ridgemont High (1982)
Song: "Goodbye Goodbye" (previously unreleased, later released on ''Boingo Alive'')

Last American Virgin (1982)
Song: "Better Luck Next Time" (previously unreleased; never released on any Boingo album)

Poptronica : Vol. 1-Sci Fi (1999)
Includes "Weird Science."

[Image unavaliable]

Smash Alternatives : Vol. 2-Smash Alternatives (1999)
Includes "Not My Slave"

Monsters, Gouls, Goblins & Demons (The Essential Halloween Party Collection) (1999)
Includes "Dead Man's Party" and "Weird Science."

[Image unavaliable]

Why? 2k-Anti-Millennium
Includes "Dead Mans Party" and "Goodbye Goodbye"