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And now for a little strand of the website devoted to those wonderful Boingo music videos. Basically placed here to rectify the rumours of "Wake Up (it's 1984)" and "Whole Day Off" videos, here is a list, with a little description, and as many screenshots as I can get, of every Boingo music video. Most of these were released on the 1989 video compilation; "Skeletons In The Closet", which is rather hard to come by.

::work in progress...sorry folks::

Little Girls
Private Life
Nothing Bad Ever Happens
Dead Man's Party
Weird Science
Just Another Day
Out Of Control

The "Non-videos"
Often mistaken, easily confused for genuine Boingo music videos, several live shows recorded for television broadcast are credited among their video-releases. These are:
Wake Up (It's 1984)
Actually recorded for: I'm not sure of the station or program, but it was via satellite link from San Francisco.
Whole Day Off
Actually recorded for: Merve Griffen Special, 1982

Alongside "Nothing To Fear"

Apparently, there is a rather rare recording of a "Hey!" video. I'm not sure if I believe it, but since Hey! was the song promoted terribly throughout 1994, and not Insanity, I suppose it makes sense. Of course, if anybody has a copy and would like to trade, please contact me.

Little Girls

Danny's not-so private life - how did they get in there? "I often stare at the people passing by..."
Rick passes by Danny's private room.
Private Life
Private Life begins looking through a window into what we learn to be Danny's apartment (in the video, that is. I highly doubt he lives in a place remotely like that in real life). He's laying on a bed, and sings the first verse. He gets up and heads over to the wall, where we can see photographs, statues of the Madonna and the likes. Obviously, here we have the verse:
"These are my private things,
There they are against the wall.
The dirty pictures, religious objects,
These are my private things,
Come and get them out of here."

Danny's back on his bed now, looking up at the bare lightbulb. Here he sings the whole "This is my private bed," line.
Still on his bed, Danny glances outside the window. Several Boingo members walk past, as the lines:
"Here in my humble room at night ,
I often wonder what goes on out there,
What makes them run so scared.
I often stare at the people passing by,
But they can't see me through my window shades,
Just like I'm not even there."

..are sang. The last figure to walk past isn't a member of Boingo so much as Richard Elfman, Danny's brother. He turns and stares in, grinning.

"The skeletons are hiding in the closet..."
Danny opens the closet door to reveal a dancing skeleton.

Danny's not so private life #2; the horn section find their way into his private room.

Nothing Bad Ever Happens
This video begins with the boys on a beach, Danny donning his usual 1983-era white suite, dancing his Danny-dance ("The Elfman Shuffle"). The scene them moves onto the interior. Here, Danny is sporting a white vest, dark trousers and is sat at a television, jeering on a team, cigarette in mouth. Behind him, someone is stealing all his belongings, including his wife and baby.