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One of the largest online lists of Elfman & Boingo related websites!

Related Yahoo! Clubs
The Oingo Boingo Yahoo! Club
Rick Elfman 4 Ever

Dead Mans Party  - newsgroup for all your Elfman related banter

Boingo Page -  includes a great 'encounters' section and some fabulous pictures of Danny.

Weird Science Page - dedicated to the 1985 movie

Welcome to Halloween!! - The Nightmare Before Christmas - the best and biggest NmBC related site out there!

Here Come The Rocket Men! - a small, cute page devoted to the Boingo's

Boingo Lyric Interp. Page - exactly what the name says :)

A Tribute To Danny Elfman - just what the name says !

CNN Showbiz - has a little about Danny Elfman

Boingo/Elfman Midi Madness - loads of cool midis

Danny Elfman Page - exactly what the name says

The Groovy Yak's Danny Elfman Page - a 'groovy' page about that man Danny.

MovieTunes - Weekly Film Music Internet Chat

Scorelogue - Film score magazine

Soundtrack Auctions

Film Score

1980's Music

Oingo Boingo FAQ

Keyboard - featured Danny a few times, including 'An Open Letter from Danny Elfman'...

Charged - an online magazine for which Richard Elfman writes articles.

Music and Video Exchange - London's premier second hand and collectables - keep an eye out for Boingo items!

The Ultimate Site - Boingo Desctop Themes - There are always Boingo hawks lurking within the shadows of such newsgroups...around.

Film Music Magazines - A Yahoo! Listing of film music related magazines, on and offline.

Here come the Rocket Men! A small but unique site with some soundclips of Elfman interviews and such

Oingo Boingo -  A site devoted to the band we all adore..

A&M Records - Boingo section

Film Score Monthly - US Film Score publication

The Elfman Zone - a message board devoted to Elfman banter; any Elfman, every Elfman!

The Hollywood Palace - some beautiful Boingo pics from their concerts there.

Reel Big Fish - the band for which John Avila is now producing records.

Joes Personal Page - it doesn't sound like an Elfman site? Well just check it out - it has some amazing pictures of the band.. - newsgroup devoted to Oingo Boingo

Dan's Boingo Page - one of the most complete Boingo pages around....

Quicktime interviews with Danny Elfman - two short , recent, interviews to download and listen to.

Oingo Boingo Memorial - Just what the name says.

My OiNgO BoInGo Souvenirs - Boingo fansite.

The Mystic Knights Of The Oingo Boingo

Tysfpl - Danny Elfman page.

Oingo Boingo

PsychoBomb's Oingo Boingo Website!

Oingo Boingo Collection!

Town Square - Dead Man's Party - AOL webroom, AOL Users only.

Another Oingo Boingo website

The Oingo Boingo Chat Channel - I believe this holds, or at least held, regular chats, sometimes joined by Richard Elfman

The 1980's Server - Has some Boingo information lurking


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...this is where I petition that a certain someone brings his Danny Elfman Shrine back :P