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Here's a basic (not including singles / promotional pressings) Boingo Discography.

Oingo Boingo EP (1980)

1. Only A Lad, 2. Violent Love, 3. Ain't This The Life, 4. I'm So Bad.
This EP was released in 1980 and actually has two different versions. The cassette and the 12" vinyl are the same while the 10" version has a different recording of "Aint This The Life."

Only A Lad (1981)

1.Little Girls  2.Perfect System  3.On The Outside  4.Capitalism  5.You Really Got Me  6.Only A Lad 7.What You See  8.Controller  9.Impostor 10.Nasty Habits
Nothing To Fear (1982)

1. Grey Matter 2. Insects 3. Private Life 4. Wild Sex (In the Working Class) 5. Running On A Treadmill 6. Whole Day Off 7. Nothing To Fear (But Fear Itself) 8. Why'd We Come 9. Islands 10. Reptiles And Samurai

Good For Your Soul (1983)

1.Gratitude  2.Cool City  3.Go Away  4.Sucker For Mystery  5.It Only Makes Me Laugh  6.The Last Time  7.Tough As Nails  8.Lightning 9. Everybody Needs

Danny Elfman Solo (1984)

1. Gratitude 2. Cool City 3. Go Away 4. Sucker For Mystery 5. Only Makes Me Laugh 6. The Last Time 7. Tough As Nails 8. Lightning 9. Everybody Needs

Dead Man's Party (1985)

1.Just Another Day 2.Dead Man's Party 3.Heard Somebody Cry 4.No One Lives Forever 5.Stay 6.Fool's Paradise 7.Help Me 8.Same Man I Was Before 9.Weird Science

Boi-ngo (1987)

1.Home Again 2.Where Do All My Friends Go 3.Elevator Man 4.New Generation 5.We Close Our Eyes 6.Not My Slave 7.My Life 8.Outrageous 9.Pain 10.Mama (BOI-NGO in a Box only)

Boingo Alive (1988)
1.Dead Man's Party 2.Dead Or Alive 3.No Spill Blood 4.Stay 5.Cinderella Undercover 6.Home Again 7.Help Me 8.Just Another Day 9.It Only Makes Me Laugh 10.My Life 11.Nothing To Fear (But Fear Itself) 12.Not My Slave 13.We Close Our Eyes 14.Elevator Man 15.Return Of The Dead Man 1.Winning Side2.Wild Sex (In the Working Class) 3.Grey Matter 4.Private Life 5.Gratitude 6.No One Lives Forever 7.Mama 8.Capitalism 9.Who Do You Want To Be 10.Sweat 11.Violent Love 12.On The Outside 13.Only A Lad 14.Goodbye-Goodbye 15.Country Sweat 16.Return Of The Dead Man 2
Skeletons In The Closet (1989)

1.Little Girls 2.Private Life 3.On The Outside 4.Nasty Habits 5.Grey Matter 6.Only A Lad 7.Wake Up (It's 1984) 8.Insects 9.Whole Day Off 10.Nothing To Fear (But Fear Itself) 11.Nothing Bad Ever Happens 12.Who Do You Want To Be

Dark At The End Of The Tunnel (1990)

1.When The Lights Go Out 2.Skin 3.Out Of Control 4.Glory Be 5.Long Breakdown 6.Flesh 'N Blood 7.Run Away (The Escape Song) 8.Dream Somehow 9.Is This 10.Right To Know (CD only) 11.Try to Believe

Best O Boingo (1991)

1.Dead Man's Party 2.When The Lights Go Out 3.Gratitude 4.Skin 5.Flesh 'N Blood 6.Not My Slave 7.Stay 8.Sweat 9.No Spill Blood 10.Out Of Control 11.Weird Science 12.No One Lives Forever 13.Wild Sex (In the Working Class) 14.Just Another Day 15.Who Do You Want To Be 16.Only A Lad 17.Goodbye-Goodbye

BOINGO (1994)

1. Insanity 2.Hey! 3.Mary 4.Can't See (Useless) 5.Pedestrian Wolves 6.Lost Like This 7.Spider 8.War Again 9.I Am The Walrus 10.Tender Lumplings 11.Change 12. Helpless (Cassette and Europe Edition only)

Farewell (1995)

1.Insanity 2.Little Girls 3.Cinderella Undercover4.Controller 5.Burn Me Up6.Insects 7.No One Lives Forever 8.Hey! 9.Reptiles And Samurai 10.Water 11.I Am The Walrus 12.Piggies 13.We Close Our Eyes 14.Mary 15.Can't See (Useless) (Disk 2) 1.Helpless 2.I'm So Bad 3.Change 4.Stay 5.Who Do You Want To Be 6.On The Outside 7.Wild ex (In the Working Class) 8.Dead Man's Party 9.Nasty Habits 10.Clowns of eath 11.Ain't this the Life 12.Whole Day Off 13.Grey Matter 14.No Spill lood 15.Only A Lad

Anthology (1999)
1.Intro-Tender Lumplings (Live) 2. Ain't This The Life 3. Nasty Habits 4. On The Outside 5. Only A Lad 6. Little Girls 7. Grey Matter 8. Wild Sex (In The Working Class) 9. Private Life 10. No Spill Blood 11. Nothing Bad Ever Happens To Me12. Sweat 13. Who Do You Want To Be 14. Gratitude 15. It Only Makes Me Laugh 16. Everybody Needs 17. Dead Man's Party 18. Weird Science Disc2 1. Just Another Day 2. Stay 3. Not My Slave 4. Where Do All My Friends Go 5. Mama 6. Cinderella Undercover 7. Flesh 'N' Blood 8. When The Lights Go Out 9. Out Of Control 10. Insanity (Medium Version) 11. Mary 12. We Close Our Eyes (Live) 13. Whole Day Off (Live) 14. Piggies (Live) 15. Insects (Live) 16. Goodbye, Goodbye