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::Oingo Boingo::

Countless long nights while I stare at the wall
I ask myself over again
How did I end up in this little hell
How did it ever begin?

1980's Californian band Oingo Boingo somehow found its way into my heart back in 1996, ironically just months from their last ever tour. Location and bad timing didn't stop me from becoming subsequently obsessed, however, and now I've devoted a whole page to the sadly overlooked, oddly named group. "From Mystic Knights To Hollywood Lights", is my (rather large) contribution to the Oingo Boingo online community. Admittedly, it's rarely updated, but quality over, uh, regularity, eh? FMKTHL does feature some items that no other website (to my knowledge) has, such as the lyrics to the rarer Boingo cuts and Mystic Knight images not to be found elsewhere.