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~Updated June, 2001~
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Hi and welcome to my new version of Ponyfeathers, a My Little Pony shop based in England. I hope you like the new look. It's probably not as pretty as the old design, but I'm hoping it's more compact and professional looking. Here you will find many My Little Pony items for sale or trade. Of course, this being a shop, I will sell my items, but preference will be given to trades. I'm a collector too, and want to see my Ponyland grow just as much as anyone else!

New! June 10th - Added Princess Pearl (Tiffany), Baby Ember, NSS Lickety Split and UK Bowtie.

Bowtie Family offer!
Purchase UK Mummy Bowtie (collectors pose), US Mummy Bowtie and Baby Bowtie, all good condition, with free shipping, for $40!! The ponies are featured individually on their respective pages, or can be seen in a larger, detailed image by clicking the above picture.

Visit the:
Old MLP Art Studio
New MLP Art Studio

My Little Pony is, of course, © Hasbro. HTML design and original artwork is © me. Some pictures have been used from Ivy's Free Picture site and just changed a little (I don't have enough time to draw new ponies all the time!).
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