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Welcome to yet another strand of the web taken up by my useless ramblings. Friends (and foes alike) will know that I have litterally dozens of pages littering cyber space in forgotten attempts at various websites...but I don't intend this to be one of them. Here you will see some of my artwork, learn about my unfortunate anthro characters, and even get a glimpse into the woman that is Selena. Enjoy. If you've nothing better to do. Which I'm sure you have.


I mainly draw, as I'm sure you've gathered, anthropomorphic animals, or furries for short. Why? Because humans are boring, and real, and I'm faced with them every day of my life, and I have never once been faced with a five foot talking dog. Yet. I do spare a little time to draw angels. I like angels and no, I am not in the least religious. I became angel-obsessed after reading a lot of Neil Gaiman's work. 'Nuff said.
Oh, and that little fella up there is Luce, a loveable Hellhoud. Don't you just wan't to hug him?

"Though my soul has set in darkness,
It will rise again in light,
I have loved the stars too fondly,
To be fearful of the night."