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Always There

When you were in trouble and you needed a hand
I was always there
When your legs got shaky and you couldn't stand
I was always there

I was always there when you needed me the most
When the darkness came into your life
I held up the light

Oh the Devil he plays by his own set of rules, now
He is always there
And if you don't be careful, he'll give you the blues, now
He is always there
He is always there when you least expect him now

So beware of the mask in a friendly stranger
Cause he is always there
He is always-

When Satan came a knocking at my front door
I did all I could
But the door came down when he gave a push
Cause it was only wood
He was always there when I needed him the least
Cause he knew my weakness and he knew my joy
This he understood

All you ? be careful now
Why you get me anyhow
I'm so-
(You must always look both ways)
I tell you it's all the same
I know
(This is what I tell you so)
When it looks like the light will never come
Someone will be there (say it baby!)

When trouble comes a knocking and I need a hand
Where will you be then?
Oh tell me please, where will you be?
When I need a friend
Oh will you be there when I need you the most
If the darkness comes into my life
Will you hold up the light, will you hold up the light, will you hold up the-