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Pulse Magazine, Holiday Issue, 1993

Hey! That's My CD!

Danny Elfman, founder of Oingo Boingo and film scorer for The Nightmare Before Christmas, finds it odd that he and his 14-year old daughter Lola are listening to the same music. "She'll turn me on to a new peice of work by Alice in Chains, Peal Jam, Porno for Pyros or Nircana. I can't think of another generation where parents and their children and their parents listened to the same stuff. To further complicate matters, she, like a lot of kids in her generation, is really into the Beatles and the Grateful Dead. Jerry Garcia's commissioned me to do an orchestral work, and he invited me to the show they did in Las Vegas. I took my daughter. The first rock concert I ever saw was a Greatful Dead concert when I was about my daughter's age. I wasn't dragging her along, she wanted to go. It's bizarre."

When Elfman, who's divorced, visits Lola and her 9-year old sister Mali, he feels as if he's entering a pleasant corner of the Twilight Zone. "My 9-year old daughter Mali likes musicals and I've been rediscovering them through her. She likes West Side Story and any early Fred Astaire. Then I go into Lola's room and there's incence burning and Led Zeppelin playing. Deja vu. It's a wonderful sense of nostalgia for me. Remember the days when kids only wanted to listen to things that would drive their parents crazy? The parents would go "Oh, I hope it's just a phase!" - it was that way for generations."

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