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Normal Oingo Boingo Lyrics

Only A Lad Little Girls, Perfect System, On The Outside, Capitalism, You Really Got Me, Only A Lad, What You See, Controller, Imposter, Nasty Habits
Nothing To Fear Grey Matter, Insects, Private Life, Wild Sex (In The Working Class), Running On A Treadmill, Whole Day Off, Nothing To Fear (But Fear Itself), Why'd We Come, Islands, Reptiles And Samurai
Good For Your Soul Who Do You Want To Be, Good For Your Soul, No Spill Blood, Cry Of The Vatos, Fill The Void, Sweat, Nothing Bad Ever Happens, Wake Up (It's 1984), Dead Or Alive, Pictures Of You, Little Guns
Danny Elfman Solo Gratitude, Cool City, Go Away, Sucker For Mystery, It Only Makes Me Laugh, Last Time, Tough As Nails, Lightning, Everybody Needs
Dead Man's Party Dead Man's Party, Just Another Day, No One Lives Forever, Heard Somebody Cry, Stay, Help Me, Fools Paradise, Same Man I Was Before, Weird Science
BOI-NGO Home Again, Where Do All My Friends Go, Elevator Man, New Generation, My Life, Not My Slave, We Close Our Eyes, Outrageous, Pain
Dark At The End Of The Tunnel When The Lights Go Out, Skin, Out Of Control, Glory Be, Long Breakdown, Flesh 'N Blood, Run Away (The Escape Song), Dream Somehow, Is This, Right To Know, Try To Believe.
BOINGO Insanity, Hey, Mary, Can't See (Useless), Pedestrian Wolves, Lost Like This, Spider, War Again, I Am The Walrus, Tender Lumplings, Change, Helpless
Boingo Alive Winning Side, Mama, Goodbye Goodbye, Violent Love, Cinderella Undercover (nornal version)