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I just fancy showing off my mundane collection of NmBC goodies. Nothing extraordinarily rare but I'm rather proud of it anyway.

Original soundtrack (that's a given, isn't it?)
Original soundtrack (signed) (*hugs Matt*)
Video (in original wrap)
Laserdisk footage (The Making Of)

Demo recordings
Various television interviews and footage of the making of.

Special Edition NmBC Leather Jacket
(# 44 of only 100 made!)

NmBC Snow Globe (possibly the most beautiful NmBC item made)

PVC Figures
-Lock, Shock & Barrel
-Oogie Boogie, Mayor & Zero
-Jack & Sally

Coffin Box Sets
-Jack & Sally double boxed set

-Oogie Boogie
-Sally (as awful as it is, bless it.)


Applause Coffin Sets
-Jack Doll
-Figurine Gift Set (Boogie, Jack, Lock, Shock & Barrel)
-Two-faced Figurines (Mayor, Lock, Shock & Barrel)

Georama Pieces
-Jack at the fountain

-NmBC Mug (1999 release)
-NmBC Pencil (Jack topper)
-NmBC Writing set
-Cardboard badge (promotional)
-Disney Millennium Badge
-NmBC Pocket Watch
-Party Favours