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1. Walkin'
2. Civil Theme
3. The River
4. And This...
5. First Landing
6. Something To Prove
7. Bills, Bills, Bills
8. Water #1
9. Walkin' Reprise
11. Objections
12. Why?
13. Going Down
14. 20 Bucks
15. The Creep Up
16. Off The Hook
17. Harvard Club
18. Water #2
19. Night Work
20. The Letter
21. At Last
22. End Credit Suite

Orchestrations by Steve Bartek

CD Of The Month; Film Review (UK publication (only?))
Elfman is known for his flamboyant film scores which makes A Civil Action so notable. Here he seems in a comparatively restrained mood and sounds more like the off-kilter Americana peddled by Thomas Newman in the likes of The Player and Scent Of A Woman. The best example of this is in the opening cue. Walking is an excellently orchestrated track (care of Elfman's regular collaborator Steve Bartek) making the very most of a synths and the lower registers of an out-of-tune piano.  The CD does, thankfully, offer more substantial pieces. This is about as far  from the unashamed romanticism of Edward Sissorhands or the frentic pace of Mission: Impossible as is possible. Yet it's still unmikstably Elfman. He still loves playing with sounds and producing striking chords. A bit unusual but, when it's Elfman at the help, a change is as good as the rest - if not better.
[by Howard Maxford]